The Unblinded Experience

What is a "Shared Experience"?

The most powerful tool to build relationships is creating "Shared Experiences." A Shared Experience can be anything - getting coffee, a dinner, or a sports event - that brings people together to see, hear, or do things together. We do this virtually. 

What Should 

I Expect?

To have fun, get inspired, and meet amazing people in an intimate setting (5-8 people) with whom you can create wonderful synergies.

How Long 

Will This Take?

One hour but you can stay for as long as you want and leave if you need to... but I doubt you will want to! 

What Happens 

on the Call?

We have fun and create synergies!!! First, we introduce ourselves and share a fun fact. We then play a fun game. Michael will roleplay anyone in the world you want him to be - a potential client, your significant other, director Steven Spielberg, or something else - and you convince him to say "YES" to something you want - to get hired, agree you were right, or greenlight a movie